Celebrating 15 Years of Graduate! Philadelphia: Advancing Learning Pathways and Economic Opportunity

October 27, 2020 @ 2:30PM — 5:30PM

Graduate! Philadelphia supports the efforts of Adult Comebackers to achieve greater social mobility and financial security. Celebrate 15 years with us by making a donation to support our work and join us for our virtual Anniversary Celebration and Ed Talks event on October 27th.

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Since 2005, Graduate! Philadelphia has served at the intersection of academic credentialing and workforce preparation. Perhaps now, more than ever, our work is needed to blunt the rising tide of unemployment and workforce dislocation. The current public health and economic crisis is a resounding call-to-action on behalf of the diverse communities that we serve.

Your support will continue to help us advance financial stability for so many households in our region. Please consider making a donation to Graduate! Philadelphia today and register to join us for our 15-year anniversary celebration on October 27th.

Despite the many challenges that are in front of us, October 27th will be a day that we celebrate our city and region and the countless number of individuals who work during the day, pursue a post-secondary credential in the evening, and raise a family. This will be a day that philanthropy, higher education, business, and government come together to tip our collective hats to adult learners and all those striving to make a comeback.

Join us as we celebrate our founding, our roots, and our future aspirations. In our "Ed Talks" segment, you will hear directly from local college presidents and other partners about how higher education and workforce development is a driving force behind our region’s economic, health, and social recovery.

Graduate! Philadelphia has a long track record of achievement and scalable impact. Today, more than ever, we believe that higher education requires strong partnerships, a collective impact paradigm, and a willingness to adapt to the future of work and the digital economy. Join us. Join the movement. Graduate!

Event Details

October 27, 2020 @ 2:30PM — 5:30PM

How do we ensure advancement in career pathways, promote positive health outcomes, and help adults prepare for the future? Join us as we reflect on our work from the past 15 years and look ahead to the path of opportunity we are continuing to build for the communities we serve.

Feature ED Talk Speakers:

  • Dr. Mary Ellen Caro, President and Chief Executive Officer at Peirce College
  • Mr. John Colborn, Chief Operating Officer at JEVS Human Services
  • Dr. Donald Generals, President and Chief Executive Officer at Community College of Philadelphia
  • Judge Renée Cardwell Hughes, President and CEO at Philadelphia OIC
  • Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Founding Director of the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice & Professor of Sociology and Medicine at Temple University


  • Independence Blue Cross

  • Lumina Foundation

  • City of Philadelphia Commerce Department